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But the original and macroeconomic value of brands is another key mechanism:. A brand can reduce the transaction costs , particularly the cost of search and information, or research cost in short. In the worst case, it would make the whole transaction so unenjoyable and cumbersome, that the consumption of the sought-after good might not outweigh the burden of research and the cost of acquiring necessary information so that the transaction as a whole could become negative-use.

Drought Coupons And Discount Codes

As users trust certain media outlets more than random coupon sites with obscure names , the trust in the editorial oversight and authority of these brands might encourage users to trust their findings and go with the coupon these cooperations have provided for them. If a user trusts these sites a bit more, or a fraction of users trusts them a lot, these white labels do create value for the user by saving them not only money but something much more valuable: TIME.

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We also know we might have saved lots of time if a more authoritative source or author would have presented the same information. The value of content and coupon codes are basically a form of commercial content is not only defined by the information it contains, but also the probability that its information is correct. Who but Google would put any trust in an anonymous Twitter account? The search results have neither promoted poor quality nor worsened the user experience at all.

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Quite the opposite, they have likely improved the research process and generated welfare on a macro-level. Whoever goes as far as calling the well-maintained while label cooperations dangerous or fraudulent to the consumer, has either not seen the previous result pages or must be out of his mind as they are so clearly benefiting the consumer. As a result of the intense cooperation between publishers and commercial content providers, many publishers have established quality standards and content provides strive to deliver high-quality products to ensure the endurance and profitability of the liaison.

Some publishers were able to build up own commercial content, like Insider Picks or El Pais Escaparate. Some have acquired commercial content partners or set up departments to engage with external providers. Coming to terms for such a joint venture in fact is much more complicated and time-consuming than just wiring a few hundred bucks to a media outlet. So once such cooperation is agreed upon, both parties have a high incentive to create long-term value and maintain high-quality standards. Hence, the average quality of such white labels usually was far higher than the market average.

I will hands-down admit the vast majority of Google Updates and Core Algorithm Changes for the organic results have improved the search quality quite clearly over time. Hence, I fail to imagine how a targeted interference based on LoisH blacklist could remotely improve search quality. They have proved to be the best content in the best context at the right time. Not because I think so — but because the algorithm, which is doing a pretty darn good job in general, has found them to be the best answers. Another big misconception when arguing about the pros and cons of such cooperations is the novelty and urgency being raised by those with interest in a sanction.

For Starters : Publishing and Couponing have been a good marriage for a looooong time. Newspapers and magazines used to publish coupons since the 19th century and still do. Reading the news, consumers would cut out their favourite coupons using scissors.

They would carry around coupons as a reminder and later redeem their discount opportunity, while local shop owners could lift sales and as a by-product could track the efficiency of their print advertising. But suddenly people find it strange that publishers would offer couponing sections or couponing websites would seek to integrate with publishing. Most commercial content providers and publishers do much more than that. The sections of a newspaper spread from politics to sports, from business to travel, from culture and Feuilleton to real estate and jobs.

Since their inception news are deemed relevant in general and their content has been a diverse mix of topics and interests.

jc-search.com/includes/2019-10-31/fizam-are-jcpenney-black.php The Main Course : Licensing-out brands is not a new thing either. Also, almost all lipsticks brands are produced by the same Italian company that nobody knows about. While brands typically produce their core product range by themselves or at least source them on their own in some cheap-labour country; most brands license their good name to white-label producers, engage in joint ventures or enter revenue share deals with specialized producers or wholesale-partners.

Who is Google to decide which business model and cooperation should be white-listed and which shall be punishable by Google?